Branding Designer working alongside small businesses to create story-led, intentional designs.

studio in birmingham, alabama
serving small businesses everywhere


At Charlestan Design Co., we are passionate about creating work that tells a story, your story. Your brand should be a representation of YOU—the one who conceived it, dreamed it, and built it. I love working with small business owners who want to share their talents and knowledge with others. There is a unique value in your work and talents. I want to assist you in displaying your perspective. 


We value having space for you to explore creative thoughts and ideas. All great businesses took risks, I encourage you to take these risks within this space alongside me. If you have some crazy idea that you think might turn out terribly, let’s try it! It might end up being the very thing that you needed for your brand. Bring forth your genuine heart, and I’ll bring mine.


We purposely create our process to get to know you first. We value you as a person, artist, and business owner. Communication should be honest, clear, and frequent during the process. In the end, we hope to create a beautiful, purposeful brand for you. But above all, we hope that we build an honest and genuine relationship with you along the way as well. 

I'll keep things here short and sweet. 

I am Charlestan, the Brand Designer behind Charlestan Design Co., dwelling in my little town of Birmingham alongside my high school sweetheart. I am a collector of vintage finds, film cameras, and heirlooms. I love storytelling, hard work, and creative thinkers. You can typically find me outside, preferably in the mountains or on the seaside. I believe in creating a unique experience for each of my clients and finding new ways of telling their stories. 

Our client invests an average of $4000 for branding and web design. We work alongside each client to create a custom package based on their specific needs. You can find the services that we offer below:

Logo Design
Brand Icons
Customized Color Palettes
Typography Suite
Brand Texture and Patterns
Business Card Design
Brand Style Guide

Fully-customized Web Design
Website Training

Packaging Design
Social Media
Collateral Design
Stationery Suites
Additional Marks and Icons


01. Inquiry

02. Initial Call: is set up for the client and I to decide if we are a good fit. It also gives me an opportunity to ask questions so I will be able to put together a proposal based on their specific needs.

03. Proposal Sent to client: Within 24 hours I will send you a proposal based on our conversation. The proposal will typically include a few different options so you can choose which is the best fit for your budget.

04. Contract and Retainer: Once the client has officially decided on a direction with the proposal, I send over my contract. I will also require a 30 percent retainer to reserve your spot.

05. Schedule sent to client

ON-BOARDING continued...

06. Branding Questionnaire

07. Visual Direction: Before we officially begin, we will work together on a mood board on Pinterest. This will help me get a better understanding of the visual direction you are headed. We will walk through this together later on so I can get additional comments and thoughts as well.

08. Coffee Date: this is one of my favorite parts of the design process. We will sit down and walk through your pinterest board, branding questionnaire, and other information. It is especially helpful for me to understand my client on a deep level. I pride myself on getting to know my client and get inside my client’s head so I can execute their branding well. I am passionate about creating a brand that represents you well—the best way I can do this is to understand you and your business.


01. Brand Strategy: The Brand Strategy is a guide that helps you understand your business, goals, strategy, audience, etc.

02. Brand Concept Presentation: Two brand concepts will be sent to you—each one will include a logo system, typography suite and a color palette. You will have a few days to look over the two concepts and decide which direction you would like to go for your brand.

03. Design Review Call: We will schedule a call to talk through your selected concept direction. We can talk about any ideas that arose, tweaks and changes you might have, as well as ideas for your collateral items.

04. Refinements
05. Collateral Item Design


01. Home Page: During the first week of the web design process, I will send the homepage design. This allows you to see the layout of the website and the direction we are headed. We will discuss any changes or thoughts you might have before the rest of the design takes place.

02. Website Design: During the next few weeks, I will be designing the rest of the website. Once it is complete, I will send it over to you for review and any additional changes.

03. Final Coffee Date: Our final coffee date will be set up so I can walk you through all of the ins-and-outs of the website as well as how to use your website host. This coffee date is for you to feel confident about using your website as well as for me to answer any final questions you may have.

04. Launch!