I'll keep things here short and sweet. 

I am Charlestan, the Brand Designer behind Charlestan Design Co., dwelling in my little town of Birmingham alongside my high school sweetheart. I am a collector of vintage finds, film cameras, and heirlooms. I love storytelling, hard work, and creative thinkers. You can typically find me outside, preferably in the mountains or on the seaside. I believe in creating a unique experience for each of my clients and finding new ways of telling their stories. 

We are passionate about serving all small businesses who value the art of storytelling, taking risks, and loving others.

We believe that creativity comes from experiences and carefully evaluating stories. Your story brings a unique voice and perspective to your business. At Charlestan Design Co, we are passionate about helping bring your story to life and telling it well. Your brand should be a representation of you and the story you tell.

We purposely create our process to get to know you first. We value you as a person, artist, and business owner. In the end, we hope to create a beautiful, purposeful brand for you. But above all, we hope that we build an honest and genuine relationship with you along the way.

Our approach to design is rooted in minimalist, intentional, and timeless design. We hope to achieve a design that is not only beautiful, but purposeful and full of meaning. Every decision we make will be rooted in strategy and careful thought.